Family Yoga – Marvellous Mandalas

Picture: Facebook
Picture: Facebook

In this 90 minute, family friendly yoga workshop, you can explore the many facets of mandalas.

Traditionally a repeating, circular pattern around a central point, mandalas have seen a resurgence in popular culture in the form of adult colouring books, homewares, and even tattoos.

Visually beautiful, often colourful, they can be a powerful focus point for a meditative practice, or a beautiful addition to a space.

They also symbolise family and the coming together of many different aspects in one family unit.

Starting with a mindful mandala colouring in, we will progress to exploring the many shapes we can make with our bodies, working together to make human mandalas.

This workshop is open to family units of any ages, gender and composition, but we do ask that very young children (3 and under) be accompanied by at least one adult so that they can fully participate in the class. 

No yoga experience necessary. 

Soul Coast Yoga, Kent Street, Rockingham, Western Australia, Australia