It’s Still Greek to Me

It’s Still Greek to Me

It’s Still Greek to Me

They’re back! Noel O’Neill returns with his third play in the riotous “Greek series”.

This one, “It’s Still Greek to Me”, opens at the Old Mill Theatre in South Perth on Thursday 23rd of August 2018.
We revisit the crazy London based Greek Pilankous family and laugh with them, and at them, as they continue, despite appearances to the contrary, as a close and loving family. The strong willed, colourful and loving characters produce even more humour than the earlier shows. But this time we might be for a surprise, as Nicky, with his hilarious lack of conscience, tries to change his spots and leave his philandering ways behind him. Nicky’s challenge is tough though, because this time his beautiful and saucy girlfriend, Alexia, a surprising relative, makes an appearance rather than just being hinted at.

Jenna has had the baby but still has no man in her life. Dimwitted Dimitri is back with his equally challenged girlfriend, Katarina. Athena, the feisty and courageous wife, is there bringing the battle right up to Nicky. We also see the return of the Shylock-like Andronikos, with his predictable magic and desire to convert it into ready cash. Nephew Stavros is back, again, from his Greek idyll, widowed now, but still seeking Nicky’s help.

Author Noel O’Neill and his very experienced cast bring a wealth of comedic entertainment and beautifully show case Noel’s witty repartee and clever insights into the human psyche.

A really good, side-splitting comedy.

Author: Noel O’Neill
Venue: Old Mill Theatre, Mends St, South Perth
Theatre Company: Maverick Theatre Productions
Show Dates: Evenings at 7.30pm – August 23, 24, 25, 29, 30 and 31. Saturday
Matinees at 2pm on August 25,and 26 and September 1.

Old Mill Theatre, South Perth WA, Australia