James Fox Presents UFOs and The Media

James Fox Presents UFOs and The Media

James Fox is an award-winning Director and Producer who is best known for his ground-breaking documentaries I Know What I Saw (2009), Out of the Blue (2003). Fox is well known for his unrelenting passion and approach to presenting the facts about the UFO phenomena.

Fox raised the benchmark in UFO documentary film making by presenting the matter of fact, no frills documentary aimed at the mainstream audience, and presenting to the world an assembled group of credible UFO witnesses from around the world.

These included Air Force generals, astronauts, military and commercial pilots, government and FAA officials from seven countries who testified at The National Press Club in Washington D.C. This was quoted by former Governor Fife Symington from Arizona as the event which, “will challenge your reality”.

Fox exposed the reasons behind government secrecy from those involved at the highest level and won the support of several key media, government and military personnel.

Since then, Fox has made numerous media appearances such as Larry King, and UFO Hunters, along with collaborating with others such as actor and UFO researcher Dan Ackroyd, as well as presenting and lecturing in many countries around the world.

In Australia, to research the Westall event for an upcoming documentary, James Fox delights the audience with his buoyant enthusiasm, down to earth approach and great sense of humour. His passionate ‘no-mess’ approach to the UFO and Media subject is guaranteed to appeal to audiences from all ages and walks of life! This is one presentation not to miss!

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