MOSAIC 2017 Capture Day

MOSAIC 2017 Capture Day

Propel Youth Arts WA invites all residents of Western Australia to capture a photo over a 24-hour period, on Saturday 23 September.

Now in its fifth year, MOSAIC is an all-inclusive and entirely community driven photography project that explores the collective memory of Western Australians over the course of a day.

Anyone, regardless of photographic skill, can take part in MOSAIC by first registering their participation via Propel Youth Arts WA’s website, then on the 23rd of September capture a photo of their day using their smartphone, DSLR, tablet or any other photographic device they have available. Participants must then submit their chosen image, which will be proudly displayed in the public MOSAIC exhibition.

Beach days, breakfast dates, football games, weddings, dog walks, sunsets and storms, we want to know what a day in WA looks like, from your perspective.


1) REGISTER | 8th August – 22nd September

Register your interest in the project via our website. You can opt in to receive a free text message reminder about the photo day.

2) CAPTURE | Saturday 23 September

Capture a highlight from your day on your camera, smart phone, tablet or any other photography device. You can also use the hashtag #mosaicprojetcwa to share your photo through social media.

3) SUBMIT | September 23 – 30 September

We will email you a link to the submission page as well as release the link on this web page.

4) ATTEND THE EXHIBITION | 29 October – 7 November

Every single image submitted will be displayed in a breathtaking free public exhibition. That’s right YOUR image will be displayed in a professional exhibition for everyone to see, so make sure to bring your friends and family!

This event is open to all residents of WA and is suitable for all ages!

Perth, WA, Australia