National Ballooning Championships

National Ballooning Championships

All eyes will be on the skies in Northam this September when the National Ballooning Championships descends on the town in the heart of the Avon Valley creating a spectacular aerial display.

After successfully staging this majestic event in 2015, Northam Aero Club won the rights to host again this year.

From 2 to 9 September, hot air balloon pilots from across Australia and around the world will descend on the Avon Valley over five days, testing their skills at varying winds and altitudes. Approximately 30 balloons will be in flight during the course of the event.

To see so many colourful balloons in the sky at the one time is a spectacular treat for spectators.

Enthusiasts can see the balloons flying across the rolling hills and valleys on competition days at dawn and again in the afternoon if weather conditions are suitable.

The Balloon Glow is another opportunity to see the competition balloons in all their glory when they gather for a stunning display on the ground fired up after dark.

The event concludes with the ‘key grab’ competition where pilots race from point to point, collecting foam ‘keys’ from the end of 10m poles at several locations. The keys represent a key to a prize.

There will be a number of community events organised by the Shire of Northam to coincide with the Championships.

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