The New Zealand Connection at ANZAC Cottage

The New Zealand Connection at ANZAC Cottage

The “NZ” in the word ANZAC is well known to represent not only the country of New Zealand but also the close relationship between this country and our own Australia.

In a great surprise, that upon reflection fits perfectly, the Friends of ANZAC Cottage has found that the links between New Zealand and ANZAC Cottage began prior to 1914, when World War I saw the relationship between the two countries mature and strengthen.

The next Open Day, to be held on March 5th from 1pm to 4pm will explore this New Zealand Connection as we track the ANZAC Cottage story prior to 1914.

Talks on this topic will be held at 1:30 and 2:45 on the Open Day.

ANZAC Cottage is situated at 38 Kalgoorlie St, Mt Hawthorn.

Entry is free and there will be afternoon tea available for a gold coin donation.

For more information, please or call 0411 44 55 82

ANZAC Cottage, Kalgoorlie Street, Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia, Australia