‘Oldies Morning Tea’ for retirement village residents, and entertained by the Talented Ballet Students from The Charlesworth Ballet Institute

The Charlesworth Ballet Institute, will be hosting an ‘Oldies Morning Tea’ on Thursday morning for retirement village residents. It will be hosted by Ms. Terri Charlesworth, and the ballet students; who are working very hard at the moment on their upcoming end of year production – Sleeping Beauty to be held at the Crowne Theatre on December 14th & 15th.

But, today, they are taking time out from their rehearsals to entertain their visitors, and will perform various Solos and group pieces from a selection of dance works. This will be followed by a morning tea provided complimentary by the School. This all forms an integral part of the School’s ongoing commitment to the values of Community Services; and allows many generations to come to together for a morning of entertainment and discussions.

Charlesworth Ballet Institute, Goodwood Parade, Burswood WA, Australia