Pride Parade

Pride Parade

The hugely popular and spectacular Pride PARADE will be held on Saturday 25 November commencing at 8pm.

Every year the Pride PARADE brings people from every aspect of the Perth community into Northbridge to celebrate the LGBTIQ community. The Pride PARADE is guaranteed to bring thousands to the streets in a rainbow sea of colour, celebration and happiness.

The theme for the 2017 Parade is #FREEDOM. Whilst we usually focus on what we do not have, 2017 is the year we focus on what we have got and CELEBRATE it! Overseas we are persecuted, but in Australia we are free. We have the freedom to love, the freedom to live and the freedom to be us!

Embrace the FREEDOM!

The 2017 Pride Parade is an event not to be missed! The final route for the Pride Parade will be announced in the coming weeks.