Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton Kiteboarding Race

Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton Kiteboarding Race

Cast your eyes to the skies between Rottnest Island and Leighton Beach, Fremantle on Saturday 3 December to see a mass of colourful kites racing to win the annual Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton kiteboard race.

This event has become renowned in the kiteboarding community and there’ll be fierce competition amongst the 135 riders to beat the record of 22 minutes 7 seconds set by the UK’s Olly Bridge in 2014.

In favourable weather conditions the kiteboarders will be faster than the Rottnest Express ferry so we recommend getting to Leighton Beach in plenty of time to cheer on the competitors as they cross the finish line.

As well as the action on the water there’ll be activity on the beach and ‘Frankie’ the Red Bull Events vehicle will be pumping out tunes to create a party vibe.

Look out for the Red Bull wig wams on the beach.

Leighton Beach, Western Australia, Australia