Tesla Expo Perth 2017

Tesla Expo Perth 2017

View a collection of Nikola Tesla’s work – the man who was acclaimed by Einstein as ‘the smartest man alive’ and whose inventions are the cornerstone of modern science.

The Tesla Forum of WA proudly presents the 2017 Tesla Expo, an exhibition of the work of Nikola Tesla, one of the most prolific inventors and scientists in history.

The exhibition will provide the unique opportunity to experience Tesla’s inventions in action, and gain an understanding about technical concepts such as alternative current, remote control, and radio frequency which are imperative to the function of many modern appliances.

This unique collection of Tesla’s replicas, personal correspondence and artifacts is rarely seen outside the Museum of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade, Serbia.

Immerse yourself in this tribute to science as part of the City of Perth’s Winter Arts Season.

Perth Town Hall, Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia, Australia