The Art of Fermentation Workshop

Picture: Facebook
Picture: Facebook

Learning the art of fermentation is one of the most powerful self-care skill sets you can embrace to increase your overall health and well being. Best yet, it is incredibly easy, affordable and rewarding once you know how!

But why ferment? It’s now understood that good health begins in the gut; the most important ‘organ’ in the body is in fact the microbiome (the healthy microbes living in the bowel) – so whether it’s improved immunity, the anti-flammatory effects or mood enhancement that you’re chasing, it’s the bowel microbes that set you up for optimum health. It therefore becomes important to appreciate the role that fermented foods play in supporting a healthy microbiome.

Join Heath & Aurora as they guide you through the following:

– Sauerkraut
– Kimchi
– Kombucha
– Ginger bug ‘ginger beer’
– Water kefir
– Fermented nut cheese

You’ll have the opportunity to taste every recipe demonstrated, ask all the questions you can think of, and take home a copy of all recipes in a printed booklet.

Tickets available here.

The Raw Kitchen, High Street, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia