Battle at the Beach

Battle at the Beach

The Gladiator Wrestling Competitions (GWC) #4 ‘Battle At The Beach’ wrestling wompetition, endorsed by Wrestling WA, is happening on Sunday the 18th of November, 2018.

This is going to be a great opportunity to showcase the sport of beach wrestling to everyone.

It is a child friendly event, with games, music, a sausage sizzle and drinks on sale.

Supported by The Sandbar Scarborough Beach, there is a voucher for 4 to be won – your chance to enjoy a lovely meal at this magnificent venue.

Not only for wrestlers, this event gives athletes from other martial arts the chance to dip their toe in the Wrestling water and give the sport a try with these simplified wrestling rules below:

– Catch weights (grouping of athletes by weight and age).
– First wrestler to THREE points is declared the winner.
– One point for a takedown or pushout, and two points for takedowns with back exposure.
– One 3-minute period with no overtime.
– Criteria for match tied during regulation: 1. Highest value action 2. Last to score
– Wrestling surface is 7m in diameter
– Wrestle in a rashy and board shorts. Wrestling Singlets need not be worn.
– Ankle bands will be worn on each wrestlers ankle to distinguish competitors.

Spectators free, competitors $20 to enter.