Scar – an exhibition by Michael Jalaru Torres

This series of photographic and mixed media work by artist Michael Jalaru Torres will explore how scarring is used to tell stories, both in a modern and traditional context.

Michael Jalaru Torres is an exciting and innovative Indigenous artist from Broome, identifying as a Yawuru and Djugan man with tribal links to the Gooniyandi people of the Fitzroy Valley.

In this exhibition, Michael has developed a strong body of work which is considered, skilful and conceptually rigorous.

Michael masterfully blends graphic design and portraiture with historical, cultural and personal narratives. His art incorporates animal designs and line-work reflecting the landscape, drawn from pearl shell and boab carving, and scarification techniques.

His contemporary approach to traditional practices, and critical investigation of local histories is important, timely and engaging.

This exhibition is hosted by the City of Wanneroo in collaboration with Paper Mountain Gallery.

To see more of Michael’s work visit

Wanneroo Gallery, 3 Rocca Way, Wanneroo