The Secrets of Mansinging at Fly By Night in Fremantle

The Secrets of Mansinging at Fly By Night in Fremantle

Powerful, yet gentle, extraordinary harmonies, presented with subtle nearly matching shades of black and a range of hats.

Uncertain about how it’s done? Time for the Men of the West to take the stage and offer you Secrets of Mansinging.

Led by director Ryan Morrison, these men have been refining their subtle theatre of pointless grandeur over the past decade, being regulars at the Fairbridge Festival and the Dunsborough Songfest.

The Men will deliver a variety of a capella songs ranging from the haunting beauty of ancient Georgian harmonies to original songs of the quotidian rituals and trials of being a man in today’s world. In so doing, the Men will illuminate for you The Secrets of Mansinging.

They will extend your expectations of a men’s choral group.

Welcome to the Men of the West: ‘gentle and sad, even sweet, but also powerful and unmistakably male’.

It is believed that this be-hatted, behemoth of bearded individuals is suspiciously similar to a certain other group seen in a very successful season at Perth’s 2016 Fringe World.

Who are we to say? The evolution of men is a strange and wonderful thing.

With support from the fine duo of Fiona Rea and Jon Edwards.

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Fly by Night Musicians Club, High Street, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia