Alex McAleer: Mind Reader at Fringe World 2017

Alex McAleer: Mind Reader. Photo Source: Facebook
Alex McAleer: Mind Reader. Photo Source: Facebook

Mentalist, mind magician, psychological illusionist…call him what you will, but Alex McAleer reads minds.

One of the UK’s most exciting showmen, Alex McAleer, will bring his incredible Cabaret Award nominated show Mind Reader back to Australia as part of Fringe World 2017.

Following on from his success at Fringe World 2016 and two nationwide UK tours performing to over 30,000 people as the stand-out star of Champions of Magic, McAleer promises an unforgettable shows that needs to be seen to be believed.

McAleer reads minds, but he doesn’t pretend to be psychic. There will be no palm reading or talking to the dead; he reads people and talks to the living, combining contemporary mind reading with sharp wit and a flair for showmanship.

Drawing on a mixture of expertise in psychology, unique mentalism techniques, and masterful analysis of people, McAleer gives random audience members the chance to challenge his skills.

McAleer even puts money on the line, challenging someone to win it from him should he not be able to reveal their innermost thoughts to the audience.

Catch Alex McAleer: Mind reader at Fringe World 2017 for five incredible shows at the State Library of WA Theatre from 20th January to 28th January.


State Library of Western Australia, Francis Street, Perth, Western Australia, Australia