The Big Hoo Haa 15th Birthday Show

Picture: Facebook
Picture: Facebook

The Big HOO-HAA! improvised theatre show has been running every Saturday night in Perth, Western Australia, for fifteen years!

Come celebrate with Sam Longley and the Hoo-Haa team with a Fifteenth Birthday Show at the Dolphin Theatre.

Pimples, first kisses, and broken voices. Welcome to the teenage years– bold, brash, curious and awkward… and the perfect time to have an improvised birthday show!

The Fifteenth Birthday Show will see Perth’s best improvisers tackle the thorny issues of high school politics and the difficult coming-of-age experiences.

Improvisation plus breaking voices, plus first dates, plus hair growing in unexpected places –surely the perfect union for an hilarious and awkward birthday night!

Dolphin Theatre, Stirling Highway, Nedlands, Western Australia, Australia