The Blue Room Theatre presents Ode to Man

The Blue Room Theatre presents Ode to Man

“You men, you’re a dying breed.”

Inspired by Sophocles, Spalding Gray and Bettina Arndt, Ode to Man is a series of vignettes exploring the death, or end, of men.

Award-winning theatre artist Emma Mary Hall asks how modern masculinity influences our economic and romantic ambitions now that women dare dream to have it all.

Directed by Prue Clark, with animation and projection by Lindsay Cox and sound design by Chris Wenn, this is a darkly funny, sometimes sad, attempt to understand how one woman’s broken heart links to the big stuff: global economic change, biological inequity and good ol’ mortality.

Prue and Emma’s previous work, We May Have to Choose, won three awards at Melbourne Fringe including the 2015 Melbourne Festival Discovery Award and enjoyed hugely successful seasons across Edinburgh, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Recommended for ages 16+

The Blue Room, Northbridge, Western Australia, Australia