Hotel Halicarno at UWA’s Dolphin Theatre

Hotel Halicarno at UWA’s Dolphin Theatre

UDS is proud to present an original musical comedy in its centenary year!

The Halicarno Hotel is its own microcosm, distinctly detached from the outside world that we know.

This wallpaper-clad lodge that time forgot is home to many strange folks, be they staff or guests, but the relative tranquility of the Halicarno is thrown out the window upon the sacking of manager Vincent Wesley.

Tasked with finding a replacement, Wesley assesses the validity of two candidates: Alice Chapel, a woman with good intentions, but a bad temper and Marseille Ridley, a self professed Machiavellian who will harm even the cutest of bellboys in his pursuit of power.

Both candidates are in for a shock when Vincent reveals his Pièce de resistance and in their pursuit of power, the three of them seek to expose the darkness that lies in their adversary’s lives.

Dolphin Theatre, Stirling Highway, Nedlands, Western Australia, Australia