The Limelight Theatre presents Greenwicks: laughs at the price!

The Limelight Theatre presents Greenwicks: laughs at the price!

A COLLISION of comedy and music will leave people laughing in the aisles as Limelight Theatre’s latest offering spends 24 hours in a dysfunctional supermarket.

Written and directed by John McPherson and James Marzec, Greenwicks is an original musical comedy exploring three different storylines in an independent grocery store.

The managerial team tries to uncover a thief who has driven store profits into the ground, causing Mr Greenwick himself to arrive and threaten the store’s closure.

Meanwhile, the checkout chicks try to get some dignity back, prove they are more than just pretty faces and teach a lesson to their lecherous line manager Kevin.

At the same time, disgruntled grocery boy Jude devises an evil plan to get rid of the lovable and charismatic “supermarket saint” Malachi – who has stolen the heart of Amy, his so-called “deserved love”.

The three stories intertwine and collide over the course of one long day, exploring how our work family may not be the one we choose but is the family we grow to love and hate.

Tickets are $21, $18 concession – book at or on 0499 954 016 between 9am and midday, Monday to Friday.

The Limelight Theatre, Civic Drive, Wanneroo, Western Australia, Australia