Melville Theatre presents The Mozart Faction

Melville Theatre presents The Mozart Faction

What happens when the members of a community choir find themselves trapped at gunpoint during a rehearsal?

The answer lies in Kate Rice’s black comedy The Mozart Faction, directed by Siobhán O’Gara at Melville Theatre.

A small suburban choir, known as The Cantus Formosus, has been performing in community halls for local groups and events for years – but their latest rehearsal comes to an abrupt end.

Wolf has lived next door for the past decade and has finally had enough of their singing so storms in with a gun, demanding silence.

In the siege that follows, Mozart’s Requiem gains new meaning for all of them as Wolf forces each chorister to look death in the eye, bringing a range of character and personality types and their reactions into the spotlight.

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Melville Theatre, Canning Highway, Palmyra, Western Australia, Australia