Roleystone Theatre presents Calvin Berger

Roleystone Theatre presents Calvin Berger

A HIP and hilarious musical loosely based on the timeless play Cyrano de Bergerac will groove up the stage at Roleystone Theatre this March.

Written by Barry Wyner and directed by Madeleine Shaw and Tyler Eldridge, Calvin Berger is a story of unrequited feelings, love notes and physical insecurity among four high school students.

Calvin is smitten by the beautiful Rosanna but lacks confidence because of the size of his nose – while Rosanna is attracted to good-looking newcomer Matt, who is painfully shy and inarticulate, although he is also attracted to her.

Hoping to get closer to Rosanna through his eloquent love notes, Calvin offers to be Matt’s speech writer while ignoring signals from another girl, his best friend Bret.

The musical premiered in the US in 2006 and received the Jerry Brock Award – Brock was a famed US musical theatre composer, responsible for Fiddler on the Roof.

Roleystone Theatre, Brookton Highway, Roleystone, Western Australia, Australia