Delve into a world that lies between physical and spiritual, between Earth and space, between life and death. STAY WITH US is a series of unique theatrical moments within a hotel.

Two sisters are forever entangled; a connection that lasts beyond the realms of the hotel walls.

A guest embarks on their final voyage; an examination of a life lived and what follows.

Lying in bed, you look up to see the night sky as the universe opens before you; a bedtime story unlike any you have seen.

Created by Arielle Gray, (NEW OWNER, IT’S DARK OUTSIDE), Chris Isaacs (IT’S DARK OUTSIDE, FAG/STAG) and Tim Watts (ALVIN SPUTNIK, MONROE & ASSOCIATES) this is an epic experience of intimate proportions.

This new immersive work by The Last Great Hunt has a limited capacity so book now to enjoy the unexpected when you STAY WITH US.

Riverview Hotel, Mount Street, West Perth WA, Australia