Owner of dog involved in Butler fatal attack complies with City of Wanneroo conditions; City investigating Two Rocks dog attack

Buster died in Two Rocks on May 21.
Buster died in Two Rocks on May 21.

A DOG owner has complied with conditions of owning a dangerous dog following a fatal attack in Butler last month.

City of Wanneroo community and place director Debbie Terelinck said the City had returned the dog involved in the May 18 attack, which led to the smaller dog, Charlie, dying the following day.

“The owner of the offending dog has complied with all the dangerous dog requirements set out in the Dog Act 1976,” Ms Terelinck said.

“These include the need for a suitable enclosure, warning sign and provisions regarding the wearing of a suitable collar and muzzle as well as the need for the owner to prove they are capable of controlling the dog.

“This was confirmed via an inspection of the property by rangers on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 30. The offending dog was released back to its owner the same evening.”

The City is also investigating an attack that occurred in Two Rocks on May 21, when a greyhound allegedly attacked a 14-year-old chihuahua Buster at Mitchell Park.

“The owner of the alleged offending dog is cooperating with the City’s ranger services as is the sole witness to the attack who was in control of the chihuahua at the time of the attack,” Ms Terelinck said.

Buster’s owner Robyn Smith said her 19-year-old daughter was walking him and three other dogs about 9.30am that Sunday when the other dog appeared.

Ms Smith said while the other dogs were on a lead, Buster was not and was attacked when he ran away.

She said after putting the other dogs into a neighbour’s yard, her daughter found the injured chihuahua, “scooped him up” and ran about 200m back home, but he died at their gate.

Ms Smith said she was still upset about losing the dog she had bonded with for 14 years and the incident made them wary of big dogs.

“We don’t feel safe walking in that park,” she said.

Ms Terelinck said there were 41 declared dangerous and restricted breed dogs registered with the City.

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